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Dinner Parties

Experience unparalleled culinary excellence with our Red Seal chefs, who bring their mastery to your doorstep. From meticulously crafted dishes to flawless execution, we prepare, cook, serve, and leave your home transformed into a gourmet restaurant. Our attention to detail extends to providing place settings, table linens, and the option for smart-serve waitstaff and skilled bartenders, ensuring every aspect of your dining experience is seamless. Unwind and relish in the luxury of hosting an exquisite event while we take care of it all. Your home, your sanctuary, elevated

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Hors D'Oeuvres Parties

Elevate your gathering with our exquisite Hors D’oeuvres. These delectable bites are the ideal prelude, setting the perfect tone and igniting anticipation as your guests prepare for their gourmet dinner. Or, let them shine as a culinary event in themselves. Versatile and tantalizing, our Hors D’oeuvres are the gateway to an unforgettable experience, whether it's a prelude or the main event.

Garnishing Meals

Rehearsal Dinners

Elevate the excitement of the night before your big day with Gourmet Chef at Your Table. We're here to pamper your family and friends with gourmet food that will leave their taste buds tingling in anticipation. Our culinary artists will transform your rehearsal dinner into a feast of unforgettable flavours. A preview of the unforgettable day ahead, our gourmet creations are sure to delight and set the stage for your unforgettable journey together.

Dinner Party


Your lifelong dream deserves perfection. Trust our catering team to make it real. From intimate gatherings to grand feasts for 200, we bring your vision to life, preparing and cooking everything onsite, just like your dream restaurant.

Our skilled Red Seal Chefs, Smart Serve Servers, and Bartenders go the extra mile to pamper your guests, ensuring your wedding day is an unforgettable affair.


Celebrate love without compromise.


Corporate Events

Elevate your next corporate event with Gourmet Chef at Your Table, where every dinner and luncheon becomes an extraordinary culinary journey. We take pride in turning your business gatherings into unforgettable feasts, offering a menu of sophistication and flavour. Our culinary expertise and professional service transform ordinary events into exceptional experiences, leaving your guests impressed and your business on the path to success, one delicious bite at a time



Experts In Their Field

At Gourmet Chef at Your Table, we bring you a team of culinary stars who shine brightly. Our staff comprises Red Seal chefs, Smart Serve certified servers, and talented bartenders. We're not just service, we're an experience – where every dish is a masterpiece, every drink a crafted delight, and every moment is impeccable. Trust in our expertise to turn your event into a gourmet affair, and leave your guests in awe of the culinary brilliance that unfolds at your table.


We've Got You Covered

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Tel: 519-301-2913  |  Email:



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